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5463 Pauls Path Rd
La Grange, NC, 28551
United States

(252) 361-2502

Brothers Farm is a historic traditional farm located in eastern North Carolina, in the United States. 


Happy Birthday to the TWINS!

Jane Brothers

Brothers Farm Blog #barefootfarmer

8/23/14 The Cumbie Twins are four today. (posting on Sept 9)...Happy Birthday, Mary Camden and David! Warren says if you wait long enough, the universe will give you what you want. Thayer gave the twins a lava lamp for their birthday and their mom, Langley, only had to wait thirty years for it.

Possum Silver, painter, came to the farm yesterday and took pictures of all the OKRA picking. He had come to Katherine and Ben Harper's BUY LOCAL Opening Thursday night in Kinston to exhibit his work. I wanted to introduce him to cousin Marriott, but he had met her last week in Manteo. One degree of separation...

 Everyone in the OKRA patch (beautiful with flowers) wore long sleeves and gloves, except for Warren of course, who was barefooted, in short sleeves, refusing to wear gloves.  Lillie Margaret Hardy, Associate of the Brothers  Farm AND the Buttermilk Biscuit Queen, and brother John had to work the Lenoir County Farmers Market by themselves today since I stayed in Raleigh for the birthday. John said that Lillie had a lot of comments about my missing the market. She's keeping score. Warren and cousin Warren Clark worked the Spring Run Greenville Market at the Tipsy Teapot. Warren went to see his daughter Sarah Brothers Vaughn and her three young sons. Then they spent the afternoon putting in windows in the shotgun house.