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5463 Pauls Path Rd
La Grange, NC, 28551
United States

(252) 361-2502

Brothers Farm is a historic traditional farm located in eastern North Carolina, in the United States. 


Warren Clark

Jane Brothers

Warren Clark is my Warren's first cousin once removed. He was 25 on Sunday. He studied philosophy in college and then taught English in Istanbul, Turkey for two years. He returned to the US and gave us a two-month trial period to see if he wanted to farm...and guess what? He is staying. He told Ben Knight that he was looking at fruit trees that wouldn't produce for 7-8 years! YAY! Young people farming! So he has learning planting, weeding, chopping, packing CSA bags and boxes, delivering and going barefoot! Plus, he's remodeling one of the houses on the farm...with his winsome, winning ways and his superlative smile, he is a real addition to the Brothers Farm team.