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5463 Pauls Path Rd
La Grange, NC, 28551
United States

(252) 361-2502

Brothers Farm is a historic traditional farm located in eastern North Carolina, in the United States. 


Birds in the Chimney

Jane Brothers

The birds have flown away...we had the South Carolina PBS folks up for a great time, and they were so tolerant of the birds in the chimney (loud), the wasps on the porch (introverted, thank goodness), the ants on the counter (they didn't eat much) and the flies in the kitchen (shoo, fly, shoo!). 

We actually miss the birds now that we're not neurotic about how loud they were, and whether we should try to get rid of them...I asked Warren this morning if he and Warren Clark could get the nest out today, and he said that maybe he should just climb on the roof and put a wire over the chimneys. Then he asked me if I had any wire.